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Helping Your Pets Live Their Best Life

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Provides your pet with an online profile for storing important veterinary and medical information as well as uploading important documents. Should your pet become lost, you have immediate access to downloading a pre-filled lost poster with the click of a button.

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Innovative Pet Tag
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-Unique ID Number

-Multiple Colors

-Small & Light Weight

The pet’s profile is accessed by scanning the

QR code, online, or calling our 24/7

Customer Service Line.

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Scan - Type - Call
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When the profile is accessed, the owner

receives SMS & email notifications of their

pet's GEO location.

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24/7 pet telehealth

whiskerDocs' vets are here to help you make the best decisions about your pet's health, and offer advice about their behavior. If you're concerned about your pet, they'll tell you the best next steps.

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Discount pet medications & supplies

Save money on your pet's medication, preventatives and other supplies — and get them all delivered to your door or local pharmacy.

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Savings at the click of a paw

Get members-only coupons and discount links for pet food, petwear, subscriptions and more!

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Customer's Love Pin Paws!

Customer's Love Pin Paws Pet Care Membership Benefits!

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Denise S.

Dallas, Texas

"I have peace of mind
knowing that Arnie is more
likely to be found if he gets

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Marcie M.

Columbus, Ohio

"We used RX Valet for Pets to get
Frankie's medications and it
saved us so much!  Thank you!"

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Karen R.


"I spoke to Dr. Tracy about Carrie and her
ear infection. I felt as if I was sitting in the
office with Dr. Tracy discussing the
problem. She took the time to explain
every detail that I needed to know to help
resolve this problem."

Providing an Affordable Way to Protect Your Pets.

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Rx Valet for Pets


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