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Lost Pet Notification & Information Stored in the Cloud

Pin Paws is a unique, all-in-one notification and information retrieval system that was designed for loyal and loving pet owners.

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Express Your Fur Baby's Personality

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How Does It Work?

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Store your contact details and all of your pet's vital information in one place.

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Your pet's profile can be found by scanning, typing or calling the number on their taq.

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When their profile is accessed, you will be notified via SMS with geolocation information.

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Emergency Contacts

List who should be contacted when your pet has been found.


Store veterinarian contact information.


List medical conditions, allergies medications and food preferences.


Stay current on your pet's vaccination dates.

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Upload, organize and share your pet's records.

Lost Poster

Quickly print off a pre-populated lost pet poster.


Keep track of insurance carrier and policy information.


List city and microchip registration numbers for easy access.

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Innovative Pet Tag

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- Ultra lightweight & quiet

- Unique ID #

- NFC Chip

- 30mm in size

Scan, Type or Call

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- Scan QR Code

- Visit & Enter ID#

- Call Pin Paws 24/7 Toll Free Number

SMS Notification

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Pet owner receives a SMS text message and email with GPS location of the pet the minute their profile is scanned or accessed online.

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I have peace of mind knowing that Arnie is more likely to be found if he gets lost.

Denise S., Dallas